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We build your dream into a reality

Our team at Universal tiny houses want to hear about your dream home. 

We have a wealth of experience to bring your design to life.

We offer consultation and customisation to suit your specific wants and needs.


Our team is always interested in new ideas, new products and meeting new people.


We thrive on the creative process so give us a call today to discuss what you want in your dream tiny home. 



We build a diverse range of mobile spaces.

Custom Builds

Because of the direct relationship between customisation and satisfaction, at universal tiny houses we consult extensively to understand our client needs,


We account for site specific requirements, including:



-Intended users. 

-Visual effect.

-Interior design aesthetics

-Multi use functionality

Standard builds



We have a range of standard builds in a variety of sizes, including
- Basic camper.
- Air B&B style short stay accommodation.
- Mobile office


Rolling Shells

Some clients want the satisfaction of finishing their own tiny home, our team understands that want.

In order to satisfy these customers, we decided to offer the option of a watertight shell that can then be finished with minimal tools and skills required. 

This is also a cost effective option for many customers.

The shell is built to lock up stage with trailer, frame, external cladding and windows and doors fitted, leaving the satisfaction of the interior fit out.

Other Design Concepts

It's fair to say that no two builds are ever the same due to the high level of customisation.

We have built a diverse variety of tiny homes including:

- Tiny Home Mobile office
- Saunas.
- Spa / Bath houses.
- Massage studios.
- Office pods to fit inside a standard garage

We can build anything (possible) you can dream of, give us a call.


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