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Universal Tiny Houses

Our Story.

Our team comprises three friends Rob Tim and Simon, who are creating alternate solutions for today's housing needs.
One of the many challenges we see in society today is affordable housing.  This is brought about by a variety of factors, however we are more focussed on the solution rather than the causes. 

We seek to help alleviate this challenge through building custom tiny homes that are tailored to our clients needs.

Through this enterprise, we hope to improve the happiness and lifestyle of our clients.

Our workplace is often noisy and sometimes messy, however being located on a serene organic farm we feel that this harmonious energy is instilled into every build we undertake. 

It should be noted we are not a high production facility, constantly making cookie cutter units. We would prefer to take our time doing it the right way the first time.

Rob has been building tiny houses for the last 20 years, he started building Tiny houses and studio truck conversions when he needed extra accommodation on his farm.

Tim has extensive experience in real estate and building.

Simon has 15 years of experience in construction, both domestic and commercial.
Rob and our friend Mike working on a Mobile massage studio in the workshop.
One of the early Studio Truck builds.
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